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Welcome to the jungle !

Useful links and reminders

The Felarya wiki :…
The Felarya forum :
Precisions about what is Felarya and what it is not :…
The disclaimer ( read if you plan to submit some ideas ) :…

Also don't forget to give credits to the people who came up with the ideas you are using. Even a short mention thanking them or a link to the wiki page where the idea is coming from is enough but don't forget it ! Having your work included and displayed into the Felarya group is conditional on you giving due credits. Don't forget to ask for a character author's permission before using one of their characters as well !

Gallery Folders

Felarya writing
Group Contest
Bios and ideas

Hall of fame

Winners of Group Contests :

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Multi Winners ! :
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Rules and Guidelines

Welcome to #Felarya ! :dance:

This group is centered on the Felarya universe :…
A land of adventures, wonders, great dangers, legendary treasures, and voracious giant ladies XP

The group is meant to be a giant directory to help keeping track of any work ( writting, drawing, journals, articles ) made by the community.
Anyone is very much welcome to join :D

Before that however, here are some rules and guidelines as to how the group work. Please read before joining !

:star::star::star: Members
Membership to this group is totally free. However it's best to join if you share an interest in Felarya, and if you can do with the fetishes it has been founded on, namely giantess and vore. I'm well aware it's not everyone's cup of tea, but a minimum tolerance to it is in order to enjoy the group. If you *hate* those, you will likely only find troubles there, and should definitely NOT join.
As members you are allowed to submit deviations into the galleries.

The gallery is divided into several sections :

- Featured : This section is dedicated to art based on Felarya. It can be a fanart of a particular character, a scenery etc.. Please only submit work that are at a decent level, with a minimum time invested on it... I'd rather not see stickfigures done in MS paint there ^^;

- Felarya writing : This section is created for stories based on Felarya.

For bios of a particular character, an idea about a new creature, a location etc... please post them in the Bios and ideas section.

- Animations, sprites and icons : Pretty much self-explanatory. It includes little flash games as well ^^

-WIP : Post in that gallery your doodles and works in progress to receive advices or criticism.

- Comics and strips : Sequential art goes there. Depending on the drawing, a two panels picture can qualify as a comic or not. you decide.

- Vore : Here goes giantess vore pictures. Only explicit vore should go here, otherwise, pick the "featured" gallery. Non-Felaryan giantess vore material is accepted as well.

In case your deviation fits in two sections in the same time, just pick one of your choice. It may be moved later though.

:star::star::star: Rules and guidelines for the group.

- First you must remain polite and civil. Trolling won't be accepted. If, for example, you are here either for having a good lulz at the expense of others or bash vore, you are definitely not welcome and will be banned.

- Publishing a blog entry in order to flame something or someone won't be accepted. Also in general, publish one only if you have something important and Felarya-related to say. Don't use them for personnal things or as you would use Twitter..

- gatekeeping won't be accepted. There are some people who think they somehow hold the truth of what Felarya is ( or should be ) and attack others for not submitting to those views and basically ruin their experience. I don't want to see any such things there.

I think this covers it all. I want the group to be a pleasant place for everyone to share their ideas, creations and interest in Felarya. Have fun ! :D

Is the group actually useful in your opinion ? 

347 deviants said Yes it is
98 deviants said Not sure
34 deviants said Not really



Crisis says...

Long Live Felarya !!!

Recent Journal Entries

Hey hey, GlobFish here! Hope you guys don't mind a bit of relevant advertising. I've just opened for commissions, at long last, details here:…

If you fancy having your Felaryan characters illustrated hit me up! :D
I'll be away (for work reasons) from 1 to 6 October. (And I may not have time to look at any more group gallery submissions before I leave.) Please hold them until I get back.
(Copied from my latest journal)…

This thread filled with bios for my characters has recently garnered over 10,000 views! =^_^= Even though it's not the kind of thing people usually celebrate, considering the fact that most of the other threads in that section of the forum don't even break 100 views, and the fact that I take great pride in my characters, I decided I'd do something special to commemmorate!

As stated in that forum post, I will be doing a type of 'commission' or trade I thought up: Anyone who gives me feedback of some kind on at least one of my characters will get a short story, written by me, focusing on any Felarya OC of your choice - it could be one of mine, one of yours, or one of someone else you know. ^_^ I will expand this to include comments on character Bios of mine here on DA - you can find them pretty easily in my gallery. The kind of feedback could be anything, really, positive, negative, praise, criticism, or just some thought that you have concerning that character. It has to have some substance, though; something like "I like her she's cute" will not be worth a short story in return. As for the quality of the short story, I think this will serve as a good guideline:

A Dance of WarriorsStill as the ice she wielded she stood, staring her opponent dead in the eye. Even though her eyes were hidden from view by the bangs of her spiky, verdant, needle-like hair, Taihaku could tell the shakala was doing the same. They were warriors. Kinara, spear in hand and taking her low-to-the-ground, hunched-over stance, moved her body up and down, both to keep herself limber, and to contain her excitement; the strong-silent type, stoic warriors were always the best at building up anticipation before a good brawl. And though it didn't show as much, Taihaku was excited as well; it was smart for a warrior to constantly test, assess, and develop one's skills every chance one received to do so. Even the most seasoned warriors should--
Kinara leapt high into the air, almost thirty feet straight up, using her innate magical ability to create a sudden up-draft around her. The fur-lined hood of Taihaku's long, blue coat fell back as the neko raised her head, keeping her eyes locked on the airb

They'll be something like this, a single scene of the character of your choice doing a thing. I will be in contact with each person who takes me up on this offer to determine which character the short will focus on and what they might be doing, as well as doing follow-ups to make sure I captured each character properly.

These 'commissions' will be open until September 20, though that may be subject to change depending on level of demand. I really appreciate all the attention my characters have gotten over the years despite my lousy work ethic in writing about them. ^_^ I want to repay your love for my work by giving some other people's characters some time to shine. I also selfishly want more feedback, but hey! It's a win-win! XD I look forward to seeing what people think about my OCs, and I really hope this little event will help me start a schedule of writing. ;D Have a good month, everyone!

(Link to the Bios section of my gallery for ease of access. ^_^)
Just to let you know: I'm back, but busy with real-life work. I'll be back in the swing of things here within a couple of days.
More Journal Entries


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