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Welcome to the jungle !

Useful links and reminders

The Felarya wiki :…
The Felarya forum :
Precisions about what is Felarya and what it is not :…
The disclaimer ( read if you plan to submit some ideas ) :…

Also don't forget to give credits to the people who came up with the ideas you are using. Even a short mention thanking them or a link to the wiki page where the idea is coming from is enough but don't forget it ! Having your work included and displayed into the Felarya group is conditional on you giving due credits. Don't forget to ask for a character author's permission before using one of their characters as well !

Gallery Folders

Felarya writing
Group Contest
Bios and ideas

Hall of fame

Winners of Group Contests :

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Rules and Guidelines

Welcome to #Felarya ! :dance:

This group is centered on the Felarya universe :…
A land of adventures, wonders, great dangers, legendary treasures, and voracious giant ladies XP

The group is meant to be a giant directory to help keeping track of any work ( writting, drawing, journals, articles ) made by the community.
Anyone is very much welcome to join :D

Before that however, here are some rules and guidelines as to how the group work. Please read before joining !

:star::star::star: Members
Membership to this group is totally free. However it's best to join if you share an interest in Felarya, and if you can do with the fetishes it has been founded on, namely giantess and vore. I'm well aware it's not everyone's cup of tea, but a minimum tolerance to it is in order to enjoy the group. If you *hate* those, you will likely only find troubles there, and should definitely NOT join.
As members you are allowed to submit deviations into the galleries.

The gallery is divided into several sections :

- Featured : This section is dedicated to art based on Felarya. It can be a fanart of a particular character, a scenery etc.. Please only submit work that are at a decent level, with a minimum time invested on it... I'd rather not see stickfigures done in MS paint there ^^;

- Felarya writing : This section is created for stories based on Felarya.

For bios of a particular character, an idea about a new creature, a location etc... please post them in the Bios and ideas section.

- Animations, sprites and icons : Pretty much self-explanatory. It includes little flash games as well ^^

-WIP : Post in that gallery your doodles and works in progress to receive advices or criticism.

- Comics and strips : Sequential art goes there. Depending on the drawing, a two panels picture can qualify as a comic or not. you decide.

- Vore : Here goes giantess vore pictures. Only explicit vore should go here, otherwise, pick the "featured" gallery. Non-Felaryan giantess vore material is accepted as well.

In case your deviation fits in two sections in the same time, just pick one of your choice. It may be moved later though.

:star::star::star: Rules and guidelines for the group.

- First you must remain polite and civil. Trolling won't be accepted. If, for example, you are here either for having a good lulz at the expense of others or bash vore, you are definitely not welcome and will be banned.

- Publishing a blog entry in order to flame something or someone won't be accepted. Also in general, publish one only if you have something important and Felarya-related to say. Don't use them for personnal things or as you would use Twitter..

- gatekeeping won't be accepted. There are some people who think they somehow hold the truth of what Felarya is ( or should be ) and attack others for not submitting to those views and basically ruin their experience. I don't want to see any such things there.

I think this covers it all. I want the group to be a pleasant place for everyone to share their ideas, creations and interest in Felarya. Have fun ! :D

Is the group actually useful in your opinion ? 

277 deviants said Yes it is
91 deviants said Not sure
29 deviants said Not really



Crisis says...

Long Live Felarya !!!

Recent Journal Entries

Greetings. I didn't know where in the group to put this, so I figured the journal was as good a place as any.

I've been making a little game over the end of last year: An NVL-style visual novel. For those of you who aren't familiar with the concept, it basically consists of a text adventure in which you pick options from menus to advance the game, while background pictures lurk behind your text. The text is supposed to be the main pull of the game, with the background being a mere bonus.
You take up the role of Lynx, a neko storyteller who joins an adventuring dynamic duo, Holly and Cinnamon, in their quest to make away with the treasures of the Lataran Temple. But just as they near their goal, things start taking an ominous turn as she begins to question her teammates' intentions. Fifteen to fifty minutes of gameplay.
I made it with Ren'Py: the guys in that engine's forum don't seem to care for vore, but they don't protest it, so I guess we're cool, Kevin McLeod specified his music can be used by anyone in any project, and had plenty of License 0 material, though some compromise was necessary. The cool guys in the Felarya forum have helped spot the bugs for me; if any have still gotten by us, they don't seem to affect the gameplay much.

And of course, this game contains vore. If you don't like vore... don't get eaten! :P Contains up to 50 minutes of gameplay, but you should be done within 15 minutes. It's not a lot of stuff.

PC version:…
MAC version:…

Tell me if anything's broken!
I may have time tomorrow (Tuesday) to deal with submissions to the gallery, but after that I'll be unavailable (for work-related reasons) until Saturday evening (French time). Just a heads up, so that people don't submit items which would remain undealt with.
Hi. As you may have noticed, for the past week or so I've not been able to respond to items submitted for the group gallery.

I've been hit with a combination of a massive workload and some stressful problems at work. For the first few days of my "absence" I was working non-stop, to the point that I was working systematically during meal-times (without having the time to make myself proper meals), and getting far too little sleep.

After that, I forced myself to slow down, and spend some time with family to wind down (as much as feasible, since the work still needs to be done). I thought I'd resolved some of the stressful issues at work, but I've just found that it's not so. I'm seriously struggling to cope, and so all matters Felarya have unfortunately had to take a back seat.

I'll try and catch up from tomorrow onwards, if possible.
I've had WAY too much free time to think lately, but an idea hit me - that i think would be hilarious, and interesting at the same time!

We have a lot of Maw shots in the gallery, mostly done by Karbo himself, along with many good ones done by other members in the community! Assuming that people stop inflating the numbers of prey in stories, and are willing to do some searching through their own works - wouldn't it be cool to have a page with all the maw-shots and a counter next to each, signifying how many have fallen prey to each character? It's a bit more to the tone of dark humor, but it'd also give us a chance to see just how humans, nekos, heck even tomb thums and neeras - as well as other mini prey, are fairing.

The other upside to this, is that it could be potential motivation for some of the artists in the community to really give it their all - afterall, you never know if your work would end up representing one our lovely friends on the wiki.

Just a random thought I had - if we can't use the wiki, then what could be used for such a thing?
More Journal Entries


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irodude Apr 6, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
thanx for letting me add the short story. i am thinking about doing some more research into the characters( on the wiki, because i do not have the manga, and have not read everything about it) so there won't be too much jumping around.
kmathel94 Mar 19, 2014  Hobbyist
Help!  I can't seem to submit one of my stories!  I wold like to at east know why...I put effort into it and would like to submit it to this group
hi all love the stories felarya if anyone could recommend me some focusing on the predator prey romance would be very grateful
Koy-McCloud Feb 16, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
To all members of this group I love Felarya, and I love to rp, but the thing is, I have yet to find anyone to rp it with, and I can only hope with so many members in this group, I can find people who'd like the same. If any of you would like to rp stories of Felarya, with characters like Crisis, Malika, Vivian, or others, or your own, feel free to note me, I'd be happy to rp with you. ^^
Vegetarocks Jan 29, 2014  Student Writer
Question: I wrote a bio for a new species for Felarya called Anthromalians (or for short: Anthros). And I'm wondering if I could submit it now or wait til my registration is approved and then post it on the forum? :)
:iconmrniceguy4: the deal with this group/universe a world where everything eats everything else alive? It sounds...kind of gruesome...since being slowly melted/dissolved is about the most brutal and gory way to go...
Daiyoukai-sama Jan 18, 2014  Professional Artist
A pictural, physically correct, description of the process would for sure upset some people's stomaches. A first-person perspective certainly could end up especial sanguinary. Most stories skip such scenes - mostly (I assume at least), because it's just not the stories main point. To be honest... life is neither fair nor all guns and roses. The daily news are also not for squeamish contemporaries.

True...but on the same token, whenever a human tends to be devoured by, say, a shark or a tiger, people don't typically regard that as "cute" unlike the giant women in some of these pictures cheerfully licking their lips. Usually more of a tragedy than something to sit around and watch. And one sentient creature eating another sentient creature is traditionally viewed as more savage and despicable. Cannibalism is the most straightforward example even though many creatures practice it in one way or another. As another, humans think little of eating a fish but are traditionally more repulsed at eating creatures such as dolphins, cats, and dogs. And ever since ancient times a fictional monster was considered more "evil" for eating a human if they were sentient. (Example: In "The Odyssey", Polythemus is a cyclops and might not be expected to really "respect" man enough to not eat them, yet he's still considered consciously evil because he can speak, think, and reason.)


I'm really not sure what point the daily news has to do with this when we still consider acts of violence and murder on the news as immoral, and there are not giants or other monsters on the news eating people.


At any rate, I found out about this group as a "fantasy world" while browsing fantasy literature on the site based on it that wasn't "eating intensive" and since I dabble in writing myself (none posted on deviant art as of yet), I thought it might be nice to try submitting one or two and seeing what the administrators thought. But seeing the nature of this particular fantasy world, I'll simply decline and move on.

Daiyoukai-sama Jan 18, 2014  Professional Artist

Honestly, if somebody I don't know gets eaten by a tiger or a shark ... I just don't care. Why should I? I don't pity creatures based on their race.


You forget a crucial point. What we define as "good/accepted" or "even/rejected" is based on our upbringing. A large portion of humanity has absolutly no qualms eating dogs and cats and other would never consume bovine. Drawing the line on "sentient" is also random.. what does it mean? The creature must be able to talk otherwise its life is nothing worth? Or less worth? What a convenient definition from humans, for humans.


It's up to every writer what kind of story he or she wants to add to Felarya. Don't like the eating-thing? Don't write it, but don't boss the others around because they do.

(1 Reply)
Are females allowed to join? I'm going to assume yes, but I know a lot of groups are specific to one gender.
FrenchSnack Jan 7, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Yes, of course; this group is open to anyone who's interested in Felarya. :)

Daiyoukai-sama Dec 30, 2013  Professional Artist
:) I thought females are Felarya's backbone :D
Daiyoukai-sama Dec 28, 2013  Professional Artist
The end is near... and as token of appreciation I'm willing to donate some thousand points to make Felarya "Super" ^^ .. Objections? No need? Happy 2014? :D
So who here is going to get starbound?
Cause I'ma play the fuck out of it
MaxAlokin Nov 21, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
We haven't had a contest in a long time, have we? :?
deviant324 Nov 24, 2013  Student Writer
I was asking Karbo for a Halloween contest, though it was a little late (2 weeks left until the 31st at that time) and he didnŽt quite know how to organize that at the time, but I suggested having simply some regular seasonal contests, maybe weŽll get one for cristmas, just wait for it and hope :)
Daiyoukai-sama Nov 2, 2013  Professional Artist
Hi there... hope you don't mind if I join in the literature guys and gals nook :)
VoreBitch Oct 13, 2013  Hobbyist
If I joined could I invent new creatures? If so they probably have to be good right? Cause I'm not fully sure what qualifies as good, I mean I'm a good artist with pencils, pens and paper and pencil crayons and felts, and I REALLY like gel pens! Would work that isn't entirely smooth like a computer work be ok? Cause I'm not so good with new computers... I'm still struggling with improving art on iphoto.
TyrantFang55 Oct 6, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
How does one add something to this gallery?
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