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The Felarya wiki :…
The Felarya forum :
Precisions about what is Felarya and what it is not :…
The disclaimer ( read if you plan to submit some ideas ) :…

Also don't forget to give credits to the people who came up with the ideas you are using. Even a short mention thanking them or a link to the wiki page where the idea is coming from is enough but don't forget it ! Having your work included and displayed into the Felarya group is conditional on you giving due credits. Don't forget to ask for a character author's permission before using one of their characters as well !

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Rules and Guidelines

Welcome to #Felarya ! :dance:

This group is centered on the Felarya universe :…
A land of adventures, wonders, great dangers, legendary treasures, and voracious giant ladies XP

The group is meant to be a giant directory to help keeping track of any work ( writting, drawing, journals, articles ) made by the community.
Anyone is very much welcome to join :D

Before that however, here are some rules and guidelines as to how the group work. Please read before joining !

:star::star::star: Members
Membership to this group is totally free. However it's best to join if you share an interest in Felarya, and if you can do with the fetishes it has been founded on, namely giantess and vore. I'm well aware it's not everyone's cup of tea, but a minimum tolerance to it is in order to enjoy the group. If you *hate* those, you will likely only find troubles there, and should definitely NOT join.
As members you are allowed to submit deviations into the galleries.

The gallery is divided into several sections :

- Featured : This section is dedicated to art based on Felarya. It can be a fanart of a particular character, a scenery etc.. Please only submit work that are at a decent level, with a minimum time invested on it... I'd rather not see stickfigures done in MS paint there ^^;

- Felarya writing : This section is created for stories based on Felarya.

For bios of a particular character, an idea about a new creature, a location etc... please post them in the Bios and ideas section.

- Animations, sprites and icons : Pretty much self-explanatory. It includes little flash games as well ^^

-WIP : Post in that gallery your doodles and works in progress to receive advices or criticism.

- Comics and strips : Sequential art goes there. Depending on the drawing, a two panels picture can qualify as a comic or not. you decide.

- Vore : Here goes giantess vore pictures. Only explicit vore should go here, otherwise, pick the "featured" gallery. Non-Felaryan giantess vore material is accepted as well.

In case your deviation fits in two sections in the same time, just pick one of your choice. It may be moved later though.

:star::star::star: Rules and guidelines for the group.

- First you must remain polite and civil. Trolling won't be accepted. If, for example, you are here either for having a good lulz at the expense of others or bash vore, you are definitely not welcome and will be banned.

- Publishing a blog entry in order to flame something or someone won't be accepted. Also in general, publish one only if you have something important and Felarya-related to say. Don't use them for personnal things or as you would use Twitter..

- gatekeeping won't be accepted. There are some people who think they somehow hold the truth of what Felarya is ( or should be ) and attack others for not submitting to those views and basically ruin their experience. I don't want to see any such things there.

I think this covers it all. I want the group to be a pleasant place for everyone to share their ideas, creations and interest in Felarya. Have fun ! :D












Crisis says...

Long Live Felarya !!!

Recent Journal Entries


Like you may have noticed, Negav is being expanded and fleshed out a lot right now (… )  ^^
It's the big topic of the moment. We're trying to make the city both more coherent, more detailed but above all, we're tackling the "dark areas", things that weren't very well explained or hand-waved. So if you want to take part to the discussion, you can check these threads :

About Negav as a whole :…

About the Lower tier of Negav :…

About the Underground of Negav :…

Or, why not, make your own if you want to bring your own aspect of the city you think should be tackled to the discussion :3

From now on, we'll make sure to keep you informed when a big topic pop up in the forum :)
Greetings all.

I was talking to :icontheassassinguy: and noticed something very different in the way we write our stories. Not only do his characters do more questionable things, he makes it a point of noting that some people don't feel remorse at all. Meanwhile, remorse's been a big part of my stuff since pretty much always.

Characters from Felarya have (obvious) pecularities in the way they feel remorse compared to characters from pretty much any other setting. Maybe not the humans so much, but the ever charismatic preds don't seem to feel remorse about the people they ate. They feel remorse about OTHER things XD which brings to mind the question, what are those other things, and how do they deal with it when it happens?

The most iconic case in Felarya, Jade, by :iconravana3k: killed some folk who never meant her any harm, and dealt with her remorse by keeping others from being killed. On the other end of the scale, fairies never seem to feel remorse about the things they do; if anything, they seem to feel remorse mo' about what they don't do (except Temi XP).

And then there's the humans. Now those are weird! They're all over the place, too! Some of them are pretty normal in their regrets. Then there's people like Lesona, who thinks remorse is for everyone else, particularly the ones who cross her. A few characters, like TheAssassinGuy's Immanuel, have very little to do with regret, in spite of the things they end up doing. Léa herself is interesting, mysterious- one can only wonder if she has any regrets beyond ever putting Crisis in a difficult position.

What are your thoughts on the subject? How do your characters relate to remorse? Do you think there's anything particular about Felarya that alters how characters come to feel and handle their regrets?

See ya!
well as of recent i've been pushing all my creative juices into writing and illustrating Chapter 1 of my comic/ graphic novel thing set in the felarya universe =p!
which is about %30 done right now for the release of the first chapter.
i dont have any %100 illustrations from it yet, but when i get close to that stage ill be posting some of the progress pics to my patreon.

and since all my brains are going into this i have very little time to think up other new and original pics for my DA, So i thought this might be a good time to open it up to everyone to suggest possible pictures for me to do!

so either note me, or post em here in this journal :).  and ill pick out the ones i like the best :D

and if you want to help me going forward in getting this thing done and giving me more art time , throw some cash at this !---------->  photo dryadvalleypatreon3_zpscf6911bc.jpg

the world of felarya for which im making this story belongs to :iconkarbo:
Hey hey, GlobFish here! Hope you guys don't mind a bit of relevant advertising. I've just opened for commissions, at long last, details here:…

If you fancy having your Felaryan characters illustrated hit me up! :D
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Emerald1000 Featured By Owner Edited Jan 26, 2016
(Note the reason why I'm putting this here is because I can't register myself into the Felarya Forum's.)

What skin tone would a Storm Sprite have, Now logically I thought blue but because I do my research I discovered that it was a tad bit similar to Frost Sprites so really not a clue right now.

Also looks like nobody has tried to make any earth Fairys so I might put myself to the task if making one.
Devastar Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
If no skin color is listed for storm sprites, use the default range, and your imagination. I personally recommend an amberlike tan, but that's just what me likes... which I'm using as an example of making the choice yourself.
Pokeman36 Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Would anyone be interested in doing an RP with me? I've got a number of character to use.
dragon808tr Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2016
I would of course! If you'd pred. 
ColorNinjaGS Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
hey, I know I haven't submitted anything yet to this group, but soon I will, and I was wondering if the name "Cassasandra" was used already.
dragon808tr Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2015
Hey everyone! I am so bored right now and I am looking for new friends and vore Rp Partners. 

Requirements: Good English, no one word replies (try to have a few lines or longer), decent reply time. 

I really enjoy: Vore, shrinking, digestion (I would be willing to do implied digestion, but I enjoy digestion very much), size difference in pred/prey, burping, farting, scat/disposal, pre vore teasing, vore games. (Either willing or unwilling. I do most creatures.)

I dont do: Most Same size vore, unrealistic vore, safe vore (the one where it is like a hug)

Preferred methods of Rp: Notes, Email, Steam, Skype. (Ask me for contact info)

I love talking about anything and love to Rp, so please send me a note or contact me! 
ThicketWorks Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2015  New Deviant Student Traditional Artist
Could I join? I love this kind of stuff!!!
Emerald1000 Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2015
Could someone tell me what colour a Desert Naga is... Also should a Desert Naga be tanned...
dragon808tr Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2015
Hey guys, I'm looking for someone to talk to (About Felarya) and somebody to Rp with. No one really talks to me anymore and I could sure use the company! Recently it seems that everyone on here hates me for no reason. 
Emerald1000 Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2015
I don't know who you are but I don't hate you... I also need someone to talk about Felarya with too and I don't know how to join this group.
dragon808tr Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2015
I sent you a note
Sandishy Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Ive tried adding a story but its in cue until it gets cancelled. I hope this change, please. Thank you!
Emerald1000 Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2015
Excuse me men and women of this group... May you let me join.
LockheedX17 Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Gotta do realism...
dragon808tr Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2015
Please, can someone talk to me? Or send me a note? 
dragon808tr Featured By Owner May 26, 2015
Hello. I am looking for friends and Rp partners. I'm quite lonely. 
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Hey, id be happy to RP with you :)
dragon808tr Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2015
Awesome! Thanks! I sent you a note! 
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